Wool Pile Draught Excluder

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Wool Pile Draught Excluder
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  • Semi-rigid
  • Energy Saving
  • Various heights and widths
  • Easily trimmed
  • Suitable for aluminum and uPVC 
  • Please note this item has a delivery time of 3-4 days

Woolpile, also known as wool brush, brush strip or pile weatherstrip is used to create a gasket-like barrier in windows and doors. When installed, upon closing the window or door the pile spreads out and creates a weatherproof seal, our woolpile is designed to slide into the channel of the frame and is not self-adhesive. 

Please note: Delivery on this item is estimated at 3-4 days

Sold in 10m lengths.

Available in grey:

Available in black:


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Wool Pile Draught Excluder

As low as £13.80 £11.50